Our very first blog post

We must begin telling you our story...

...It has been a little over 3 years since we first decided to change our face and embrace our last name to come up with a new thriving brand!

VACA is very pleased with the job done until this day, and excited to expose the results of our endeavors with you, our followers.

With almost 20 years of experience in marketing and visual communications, and as the leader of this still-growing agency, I've been able to implement the theory of a vast corporate career in the field of marketing, into the very peculiar world of entrepreneurship.

The favorite part of my job as consultant is to meet fearless business owners and to listen to their ideas and vision, in order to guide them step by step into establishing their presence in the market field.

From beginning to finally getting the business running, we come alongside our clients and provide our creative support, counseling and guidance for basic efforts as creating a brand, designing a compelling and attractive web presence, to establishing consistent communication with potential and existing clients.

For those who do not know... VACA means "cow"!

A lot of people do not know what our last name means, which makes it even more interesting and fun as we meet people along the way.

If you love cows, you must know it is an animal that inspires peace, often appears domineering, yet friendly and welcoming. As we embrace the qualities of our symbolic friend, we hope to well-represent the traits of our family name.

Thank you for welcoming the unconventional!

We are ready to continue to fight the very exciting challenges of start ups, and to lead entrepreneurs in building brands that would remain in the minds of most.

Jennifer Vaca

Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Vaca Design Collective, a creative marketing services agency, with moooch imagination!

We create or recreate the basic presence of startups or existent businesses, providing guidance in establishing branding, online and social media presence.