What's NOW critical on web design? 5 essential principles your website must follow

Here at VACA we believe in the power of a well designed website, as it constitutes your 24/7 sales and marketing tool, and defines the existence of your business.

For small businesses (calfs), as well as for large corporations (longhorns), we have outlined some simple web design principles that are to be taken into consideration when designing a website that attracts and converts sales, to achieve the results of a website that reflects your brand and boosts up the value of your products or services.



The design must clearly state “who you are” or “what your business is about” and what your visitor “can do” when browsing through your page

If you're a well-known brand or company you may be able to get away with not having to describe who you are and what you do; but the reality is, most businesses still need to answer these questions so that each visitor knows they are in the "right place."


Most likely, the initial portion of your homepage must serve as that first presentation statement that clearly communicates what you are about and how you can solve the problem of your audience.


Placing in your main content a clear statement about your business also supports basic SEO principles that can boost your ranking and help those looking for companies like yours find you easier through search engines.

A clear explanation of what your business can do for clients, along with a compelling image is an excellent communication tool.

A clear explanation of what your business can do for clients, along with a compelling image is an excellent communication tool.



The design must be engaging


Consumers are primarily engaged with brands and vendors to purchase and learn about products or services, so a detailed description, mainly through graphics, photos, and video, along with sharp and to-the-point statements can trigger that first spark of interest among your audience.


According to the 2017 State of Engagement report, 33% of B2B consumers keep up-to-date on online content (e.g., follow on social, watch or read content produced by the partner or vendor/company or brand) of the brands they follow or prefer, so content that is constantly updated can generate a higher level of engagement with your consumer.




The design must feature a main Call-to-action (CTA)


CTAs are an essential part of any web design, and these should ideally be located in a central area of your homepage, utilizing contrasting colors or fonts that could make them stand out and state the benefit of your offer, as well as easy, intuitive steps to follow after taking that action.


The goal is that your CTAs can turn your website into that sales or lead-generation tool your business needs to grow and establish an effective business operation.


Buttons or links to applications are a great way to direct a customer to book or purchase.

Buttons or links to applications are a great way to direct a customer to book or purchase.


The design must be optimized for multiple devices


In case you missed it, we now live in a mobile-dominant world.

A responsive website is one that renders perfectly on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, and it constitutes a definite factor of usability, enabling a pleasant user experience.

This year, Google reported that 52% of search traffic and almost half of shopping traffic comes from mobile devices, so a compatible web design is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

It is a critical principle of UX design to place elements that make your website easy to navigate, that would not get on the way of easy browsing. Anything distracting such as unwanted banners, complicated animations, slow-loading images and unnecessary pop-ups can drive customers away.




The design must load at light speed


(Load) Time is Precious! In today’s world, fast pace communication is the trend, and consumer’s patience has diminished to half the fraction, compared to their expectations 10 or 15 years ago. Since most consumers are accessing websites on the go, it is important that your site would load on a timely manner, accommodating the speed connection of both WiFi and non-WiFi connections.


Some exciting new trends on web design have been released by Behance's 2017 Design Trends report, and we'd like to tell you about some innovative ideas that can make your website pop among many:


These are still images with minor elements moving in them. This technique makes a simple photo more realistic by bringing it to life.

Simple movement triggers emotions and creates a better UX (User experience) design.

Simple movement triggers emotions and creates a better UX (User experience) design.



These can definitively add life to your website and deliver a clear message, besides becoming a great video blog item you can utilize in social media posts and e-mail marketing.


Don't continue to have an ugly website misrepresenting the quality of your product or service. You can own a website you can always upgrade and update to meet the requirements of your industry and audience.

To inquire about our creative ideas on designing or revamping your website, send your request here to meet and discuss your project.

Vaca wants moooch success for businesses that embrace the importance of a well-designed website!


Want to learn more?



We have outlined a simple e-book that provides an easy prospective on the importance of a growth-driven approach and list basic web and mobile app design principles to keep in mind before launching or revamping your website.

Feel free to browse through the report and get back to us if you have any questions about the principles and advice here presented.

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