2018 Design Trends

Welcome to a new year of striking trends on design!

It is an exciting renaissance of bold colors, tempting typefaces and cutting edge digital design!

We share with you the most prevalent DESIGN TRENDS FOR 2018 based on 3 current ideologies that set the tone for design:

1.     UNITY: A quest for a world without boundaries.

2.     CONNECTIVITY: The Internet of Things!

3.     SINCERITY: Authenticity in communication!


Design is in great part the art to communicate human perception: Trends define the styles that people follow at a certain period of time, an set the mark for expressing the current mentality, ideas and behaviors of society and individuals.

A trend is really important for businesses and entrepreneurs.

It is a way to keep your brand appearing contemporary for your customers, marketplace, competition and audience.


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Jennifer Vaca

Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Vaca Design Collective, a creative marketing services agency, with moooch imagination!

We create or recreate the basic presence of startups or existent businesses, providing guidance in establishing branding, online and social media presence.