Season's greetings: The opportunity to showcase your brand

Holiday greetings are one of the most remarkable ways to stay top of mind and to express your appreciation to those who make your business merry! As parties, dinner celebrations, gifts, and joy take part in the holiday season, they become an opportunity to help your brand stand out.

We’d like to share about our experience in coming up with ideas that truly reflect our corporate values and the character of our brand.


Hand-drawn holiday postcards

Last year we had been thinking about how we should address our creativity and showcase something unique and artistic.

Our co-founder and design leader, Angelica, is an extraordinary plastic artist,

and taking advantage of her artistic skills, she created a beautiful theme that became our signature holiday image for our cards.


Once the drawing was finalized, we converted it into a digital format we were able to manipulate to create a beautiful printed piece.


Reproducing our postcard with raised the bar to the quality of our piece, which we shared with our clients, along with a homemade treat baked in the VACA kitchen.

20171225_134412 (1).jpg

An e-mail campaign that shares feelings

Movement is definitively a fun component of any digital piece, and we at VACA love animation on GIF images we customize.


Last year’s pieces gave our beloved VACA life, showcasing her in celebration of the holiday cheer.


Creating these campaigns in powerful e-mail marketing platforms, such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact , enable you to link readers to your website, directing traffic and connecting you even closer with your followers.


Baked goods you made yourself tell how much you care

We love baking and, as previously mentioned, last year we baked Christmas carrot cakes, which we decorated and packed ourselves.

 It is always a joy to prepare ourselves these gifts, but it can become a challenge as our business grows, so we reached to the help of another master baker whose cookies taste like heaven: Our friend Rosa Hernandez joined our team this time to prepare something that combines flavor with branding. A custom design printed on sugar paper is an interesting tool with endless possibilities.

Our holiday campaign “THANKFUL 4 U” showcases VACA cheering as she shapes her body into each letter of such expression.

gif thanks.gif

The cookies were arranged in a box to read exactly as shown here:




Once your brand is placed on a delicious sugar cookie, it creates a delightful treat and unforgettable experience.


Be unique!

Whatever it is that you consider to be a reflection of your brand can definitively become an item that your clients will admire and appreciate. Items such as food, cards, music and more can help you say what you mean.

We recreated the lyrics of the Christmas classic “The 12 days of Christmas” … only got up to the third day though :( But here is our Season’s Greetings video “The 3 days of Christmas”.

Watch video below



Keeping consistency of brand is as important as keeping consistency of efforts: Sending a message of appreciation and love is always a great way to set your mark in the world!

Jennifer Vaca

Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Vaca Design Collective, a creative marketing services agency, with moooch imagination!

We create or recreate the basic presence of startups or existent businesses, providing guidance in establishing branding, online and social media presence.